Top 5 Reasons You’d Move House

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There are numerous reasons why homeowners decide to sell up and move on elsewhere. Some studies suggest that the average Brit will relocate around 8 times during their life, a stat which shows the desire or necessity many of us have to change property. Although everyone’s circumstances will be different, here are 5 of the top reasons why people will generally decide to move house.

1.     Outgrown the Property

Perhaps the main reason for moving house is the simple fact that you need to. Young couples who wish to start a family are usually the main cause of this, where more space is needed for the potential new arrivals. First time buyers who initially could only afford a smaller property may soon be in a position to move on, often with more possessions or a new car with them.

2.     Work Requirements

Another common motive why people need to relocate is because of work commitments, either with a first time job or change of career path. Quite obviously, people will seek jobs close to their home which isn’t always possible, especially with restricted employment opportunities at the current time. As a long commute isn’t preferable for many people, moving house often becomes the sensible option.

3.     Personal Relationships

Circumstances involving people’s personal lives can affect where they live and when they need to move out. Couples who live separately may eventually decide to take the plunge and move in together. Equally, couples who decide to split up will in all likelihood need to relocate to separate properties. Poor relationships with neighbours can also affect why people move house and it may be more desirable to relocate to an area where friends or family are closer by.

4.     Retirement/Health Problems

When people hit a certain age, it can make more sense for them to move either closer to relatives or into bungalows; pensioners or those with health problems may find it more comfortable in properties without stairs. Many older people will also move into retirement or assisted living homes, providing them with company and activities to keep them occupied after they have retired.

5.     You Simply Fancy a Change

One overlooked reason why people decide to put their house on the market and move elsewhere is simply because they fancy a change. Living in the same property for years on end, staring at the same four walls and experiencing the same local sights can start to wear on some people. Others may simply wish to use the funds freed up by a house sale to go travelling or pursue a business venture.

Many reasons but we mustn’t forget moving house is a big endeavour, expensive and you should make sure you use a suitable agent and solicitor practiced in conveyancing. They’ll be able to handle the paperwork, agents and all the other issues you probably wouldn’t think about.

With moving house not as uncommon as you may think across the UK, there must be a wide-range of reasons for what can be a stressful experience. Although five are listed above, there are plenty more reasons why people decide to sell up and move on. Obviously financial considerations eclipse everything else so always plan your move with a secure future in mind,

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