Understanding Economics

Understanding Economics is not as easy as one may think. For a long time now, there seems to be a common misconception that Economics is all about money. This is absolutely not More »

How Factoring Can Help SMEs in Capital Management

The current economic climate is still on the road to recovery. During this time, small to medium sized businesses need to be smart with their cash flow and capital management. The reason More »

Drug Safety Complexities & Pointers For Pharmaceuticals

While there are various aspects of business risks and realities for pharmaceuticals, drug safety is the top agenda in most instances. Even for well marketed, researched and accessible drugs, this can be More »

Tax Year 2013-2014: Impact On Allowances & Benefits

This year was marked with a number of changes introduced into the tax system. While not overly extensive, their impact on allowances and benefits needs to be simplified. The reason is that More »


4 Steps to Choosing a Pop-Up Display

If you are putting your company on display at an exhibition or event, you’ll want to show it off to the best advantage. In order to make the most of the investment you put into attending the show, make sure you have the best display materials and the most professional-looking backdrop for your company. The most important way of creating a good impression is to choose the right pop-up display. Pop-up displays are a convenient and effective way to create a stand or display area. The displays are Read more [...]

Grants Build the Business of Fire Truck Refurbishment

For many fire stations, particularly those hit hard by economic constraints, buying new fire trucks is far beyond the budget. For others, even a refurbished truck is too expensive. The problem is that a fire station needs at least one operating fire truck to fight fires. The answer seems to be the Assistance to Firefighter Grants that provide funds to aid fire stations in procuring the tools they need to keep the citizens safe. What is the Grant? The Assistance to Firefighter Grants program Read more [...]

Help start that business right with a garden office

When you're thinking of starting your own business venture, it pays to make all the right choices as early as possible. If it's financially viable for you, it would be best not to 'make do' with a workspace that's sub-optimum, for example. And in some sense, your workspace will essentially BE your business if you're working alone and doing work activities at home - at least in terms of being a physical representation of your endeavor. Do you want that business workspace to be somewhere that's Read more [...]

Practices to Prevent Credit Card and Identity Fraud

In today’s high-tech world, the use of credit cards for purchases has never been easier. Through the Internet or over the phone, you can buy electronic devices, book a flight to an exotic location or send money to relatives. In fact, monthly online sales in the UK hit a record high of £10bn in December 2013. Shoppers are favouring online shopping to visiting shops. In central London, the number of retail shoppers has dropped 4.1% between 2012 and 2013. Unfortunately, many enterprising con artists Read more [...]