Understanding Economics

Understanding Economics is not as easy as one may think. For a long time now, there seems to be a common misconception that Economics is all about money. This is absolutely not More »

How Factoring Can Help SMEs in Capital Management

The current economic climate is still on the road to recovery. During this time, small to medium sized businesses need to be smart with their cash flow and capital management. The reason More »

Drug Safety Complexities & Pointers For Pharmaceuticals

While there are various aspects of business risks and realities for pharmaceuticals, drug safety is the top agenda in most instances. Even for well marketed, researched and accessible drugs, this can be More »

Tax Year 2013-2014: Impact On Allowances & Benefits

This year was marked with a number of changes introduced into the tax system. While not overly extensive, their impact on allowances and benefits needs to be simplified. The reason is that More »


Why You Should Add a Video to Your Business Website

To be successful in the global marketplace, you must have your goods and services at the fingertips of clients no matter the time of day or their location.  With the development of video platforms that are very attractive to consumers using their mobile devices as shopping tools, your London-based company must have presentations that are present where the clients are.  Doing business here in the UK may no longer be one of your objectives which means that videos can carry you far beyond our shores Read more [...]

How You Can Benefit From Invoice Factoring?

It is acknowledged by any business that there will be a point in time where cashflow becomes an issue because of unpaid invoices. This may happen to many companies on a regular basis and therefore has to be thought about within the development of any financial strategy in order to successfully manage it.  One method of dealing with the potential cashflow gaps is by taking advantage of invoice factoring. What is Invoice Factoring? Invoice factoring is a process whereby your business can gain Read more [...]

The Top 3 Reasons How Contract Law Can Help Your Small Business

As any business owner will attest, rules and regulations for businesses can be suffocating. But, if you are keen to be seen in the right light you need to ensure that you comply with these laws. Failure to do so will result in your business having a bad reputation. What is more, failure to comply can result in much more harsh penalties than a negative reputation. As a small business owner, you do not want to be at the behest of others. Ensure that you know your rights and use contract law to your Read more [...]

Easy Ways To Finance Your New Business Venture

For the last ten years, the global economy has been in dire straits. That is why people starting their own businesses have faced more challenges than ever before. Not only do you have to come up with a profitable idea that makes for a lucrative company, but you also need to think long and hard about funding the venture. While it’s still possible to go down the traditional route, many people have found it more sensible to think outside of the box. With that in mind, we’re going to list a number Read more [...]